How Jews mobilise other minorities against us


Far-right manipulation of web searches to stoke Islamophobia and racism should be tackled by search-engine giants, a U.K. hate-crime watchdog warned.


Tell MAMA, in a new report, urged Google and others to “review how far-right websites are cheating its search algorithm through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improve their rankings on stories related to crime, sexual exploitation and terrorism.”


“A higher ranking not only increases [extremist] legitimacy but may draw vulnerable individuals into extreme echo chambers,” it claimed.


Tell MAMA said work in partnership with social media companies would help them “better understand anti-Muslim prejudice and … promote online counter-narratives that invest beyond advertising credits.”


The findings were among a range of claims contained in Tell MAMA’s study into British anti-Muslim incidents. Over 640 Islamophobic incidents were recorded by Tell MAMA in 2016, up from 437 the year before.

Where else have we heard calls for search engines to alter their results? That’s right. From Jews. (link)

It’s no surprise that here we have Jews and Muslims working together in concert against our freedom. Tell Mama is a Muslim advocacy organisation that was modelled on, and trained by, a Jewish advocacy organisation.

Here so-called Baroness Warsi describes its origins.


Source: The Enemy Within: a Tale of Muslim Britain

In 2014, the former head of the Jewish Community Security Trust was even appointed co-chairman of Tell Mama. So we have a Muslim organisation run by a Jew.

The Islamophobia-monitoring organisation Tell MAMA has appointed the former head of the Community Security Trust as its co-chair.

Richard Benson chaired the CST for 12 years. The group’s remit is to protect Britain’s Jewish community form external threats such as “bigotry, anti-semitism and terrorism.” But critics say that the CST is pro-Zionist and pro-Israeli.


This is a pattern of behaviour seen throughout history: Jews mobilising other minorities against the majority.

Here we see it in the case of Martin Luther King.



Note King was “a slow thinker […] usually not prepared to make statements without help from someone”.

And it is exactly this same kind of fiendish scheming that led to the emergence of Islam. (See “Muhammad’s Inspiration by Judaism“). Jews were running various “prophets” among the Arabs with the intent of gaining their assistance in the recovery of the “Promised Land”, from which they had been ejected by the exasperated Romans. The other “prophets” failed. Muhammad took off, with disastrous consequences for the world down to the present day.



9 thoughts on “How Jews mobilise other minorities against us

  1. It is a coalition of minorities that they create. The coalition of the “oppressed” or so called “marginalised groups”. Intersectionality. From the looks of it, they are only trying to get rid of white european people, they are not trying to get rid of other groups.

    Modern left wing politics are jewish ethnic warfare, i’m not sure if the left would exist without jews. Which brings the interesting thought that the left is not natural and the world would have vastly different history if jews did not exist. For starters, probably there would be no communism, and probably no modern leftism as well.

    What is amazing is how they are able to mask ethnic warfare as leftist politics. Its like leftism is a religion that they create for the masses in order to get them to do what they want. But leftism is just a smokesreen for the goy, the real objective is ethnic interests.

    (ironically Marx called real religion opium for the masses, but maybe it was Marxism that was the real opium, used to hide the ethnic and genetic interests that make the world turn?)

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  2. Not only was King a slow thinker, he was also a plagiarist, particularly with his doctoral thesis in theology. One has the impression, as with present day leaders in European countries, that certain weak, easily malleable but outwardly charismatic types are picked out early on in their educational or working lives, carefully instructed, ‘handled’ and groomed, and then suddenly appear, almost unannounced, as wunderkind (Sebastian Kurz in Austria who failed to obtain a law degree at university or Schultz of the EU who barely finished high school level education, for examples) or great leaders of ‘their’ minorities.


  3. Isn’t Tell Mama the phony minority rights organisation that Andrew Gillingham of the Telegraph exposed some time ago as inflating supposed statistics on ‘racism’?


  4. “Guest” hit the nail on the head…… laughed out loud with the “slow thinker” sentence. ALL of ‘them’ are slow thinkers-if they “think” at all. Earl Butz summed it up perfectly back in the 1970s…… if you don’t recall what he said, look it up. It will give you a chuckle or three


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