“These aren’t colleagues, this is the enemy in our own ranks”: Muslim police trainees in Berlin feel “hatred for Germans”


In an audio file a trainee has complained about the behaviour of Muslims at the Berlin Police Academy. Authorities now confirm the reality of the charges. The man has already been spoken to.


The Berlin Police is examining an audio file in which a trainee at the Spandau Police Academy complains about intolerable conditions at the institution. The anonymous voicemail was sent to police president Klaus Kandt by an employee within the last week.


…In the recording, which WELT first reported about, a man, who describes himself as a trainee at the academy, complains about hatred, refusal of lessons and violence in a class with many police trainees of immigrant background. The man comes to the verdict: “These are not colleagues, this is the enemy. This is the enemy in our own ranks.”


This is what Diversity-mania produces: the enemy in your own ranks.

The article here speaks generically of “hatred” but elsewhere this was described as “hatred of Germans”.

More remarks from the tape.


These weren’t just second-class police who will only be corrupt…These are not colleagues, this is the enemy. This is the enemy in our own ranks.


I had training at the police academy. I’ve never experienced anything like that, the classroom looked like a nightmare, half Arabs and Turks, as cheeky as pigs. Stupid. Couldn’t express themselves.

Recall in September that the messages “Fuck Islam” and “Refugees Not Welcome” were found sprayed at the same academy. (link)


Some more detail on this has come out.

It’s like in prison, the rule of the strongest prevails


The list of complaints in the internal paper is long: the talk is of police candidates some of whom cannot swim, although this is a prerequisite for hiring. A “condescending treatment of female employees as if they were cleaning women” is also noted as well as “communicating in alarming language”. Candidates also showed a lack of professional ethos. Furthermore, religion-related failings were noted; it is questionable whether there would be full operational readiness during Ramadan.


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