Italy: Teenage girls given homework assignment to approach migrants in the street and ask about their life stories




“14-year-old sent to interview migrants in the street”, denounces a mother.

“A teacher gives a homework assignment: stop migrants in the street and ask about their personal story, and the case explodes immediately on social networks. The school in question is an institution in Borgo San Sergio and Deborah Carli, mother of one of the pupils, wrote a post on the Facebook group “Trieste #sepolfar”, asking the moderator and local councillor “Does this seem normal to you? We are talking about 13-14 year-old kids! One of them told the teacher that the immigrant insulted him and he had to run away.”

Deborah Carli, the author of the post and president of the association Tiaiutiamonoi Trieste Onlus, insists that the teacher in question “is exerting political pressure, definitely of the Left, instead of giving them the instruments to form their own opinions. He said my daughter was a racist just because she allowed herself to say that not all migrants are poor people fleeing wars, sociable, nice people, and so on, he assigned the homework without we the parents having been officially informed or having authorised any such thing.”



6 thoughts on “Italy: Teenage girls given homework assignment to approach migrants in the street and ask about their life stories

  1. It’s well known that Muslim migrants violently attack, molest and rape our women and children all over Europe and Britain.

    It’s profoundly EVIL for our innocent European children to be given such a wicked assignment that places them in extreme danger of being beaten and raped/gang raped by Muslim predators.

    On New Years Eve 2015, the Sons of the Devil – Muslim migrants, in highly organized gangs of 1,000 strong, molested and raped our girls in Germany and other countries.

    The EVIL authorities response to this ACT OF WAR against Europe and our females, is to continue to massively increase Muslim imports in order to greatly increase Muslim SEXUAL TERRORISM against our women and children.

    PROTECT our women and children! Close ALL of our borders! End Muslim Sexual Terrorism! Permanently end Muslim immigration/migration!

    Call in the combined military of Britain and Europe and deport Muslims from our huge number of NO-Go Muslim areas too DANGEROUS for non-Muslims to enter!


    We have a human right to live in safety in our own countries!


  2. The only way to deal with the Moslem invasion, as history has shown, is to first deal with the Jews who are the enablers and promoters of open borders, miscegenation and denigration of Christian moral values.

    I am fairly certain I have run across the nic of “linda rivera” whilst reading Counterjewhad sites. That lot are certainly getting restless: The Goyim Know.


    1. guest, I’m a Bible believing Christian. For many years, I’ve been a Very Strong supporter of Jews and Israel. My Beautiful Saviour, Jesus Christ was a JEW!

      The church has a large number of TRAITORS! Judaism also has traitors. Why do you ignore the TREASON and BETRAYAL of NON-Jews?

      The UN, EU, OIC, the Fascist Left, Globalists and Western leader God-haters all want open borders that has brought great suffering to our people.


  3. That teacher must be insane. And hopelessly naive. What a fine idea, to have young girls, a favorite of certain types, walk up to men from violent rape cultures and engage them in friendly conversation.

    Not only will most guys from certain countries be totally unused to interaction with females, but it will likely come across as sexually provocative.

    Add to that the fact that many of the guys floating around europe have come for purely economic reasons (or Jihad) under false pretenses, and you’re asking for a violent reaction….who wants to be quizzed about their illegal activities on the street by someone with a clipboard? They probably think these kids are spies!

    I hope no one actually gets hurt.


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