Honour your prejudices

Image by Esothetic

I saw a quote in this vein recently, maybe from Burke. But I couldn’t find it when I was looking for it, so I thought I’d write my own version.

The catastrophe engulfing is simply a great revalidation of ancient prejudices. What we were taught to see as unnecessary and despised relics of a more primitive age we can now recognise as the essential bulwarks of ethnic self-defence.

Prejudice is a mitigation strategy for a problem you didn’t know existed. You didn’t know it existed because it was confronted and resolved by your ancestors before you were born. And their solution was passed down as folk wisdom across the centuries. It is what you call your prejudice. Instead of trying to erase it, you should honour it as you would a great work of art or monument to a hero of your tribe. Because you can be sure that much suffering went into the finding of that solution. If you insist on dismantling the bulwark against harm that your prejudice represents, the harm will soon arrive unimpeded at your gates. And you will flail around desperately looking for a solution, wondering what caused this sudden new evil to emerge.

Honour Your Prejudices. They exist for a reason.

One thought on “Honour your prejudices

  1. Check out the video “In defense of prejudice” on YouTube…IF it’s still there. A powerful, short message. I know a (((revised))) version went up, but I think you can still get access to the original.


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