Prominent Muslim propagandist Tariq Ramadan accused of rape

Over the last few days, in response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal, the hashtag #balancetonporc has taken off in France. Balance ton porc means “Grass up your pig”, “Tell on your pig”. Women have been using it share stories about incidents of sexual harassment and rape.

One of these women is Henda Ayari, who wrote a book about how she escaped Salafism.

I chose to be free – Escapee of Salafism in France

On Facebook she accused Tariq Ramadan of having raped her.

I’m really going to need the support of my friends, because on revealing the name of my attacker, who is none other than Tariq Ramadan, I know the risks I am exposing myself to…

I’ve maintained silence for several years for fear of reprisals because when I threatened to file a complaint about the rape I had been the victim of, he didn’t hesitate to threaten me and also to tell me that they could take my children, I’m afraid and I have kept silence all this time.

All the same I spoke about it in my book, changing his name so as not to be sued for defamation, but today I can no longer keep this secret which is too heavy to bear, it’s time for me to tell the truth.

It’s very hard but I feel relieved, I also felt the need to speak for all the other victims, I really hope that other women who have been victims like me will dare to speak out and denounce this perverse guru who uses religion to manipulate women!

I know he will fall on me with his team of lawyers and his numerous supports, that’s why I’m going to really need you to support me! Because I am getting ready to go through a huge tempest but I don’t plan to be silent any more or to retreat in the name of all the female victims!


Tariq Ramadan is one of the most prominent Muslim propagandists in Europe, skilled in making a radical Islamic agenda seem reasonable by dressing it up in the language of the socially progressive left. He is one of the media’s favourite “Good Muslims”. Here he is a few months ago on the BBC.

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en-gb”><p lang=”fr” dir=”ltr”>J’ai décidé de déposer plainte contre T Ramadan pour ce qu’il m’a fait subir! Même avec peu de moyens pour ma défense j’irai jusqu’au bout !</p>&mdash; Henda Ayari (@Henda_Ayari) <a href=””>20 October 2017</a></blockquote>

I’ve decided to file a complaint against T Ramadan for what he made me endure! Even with few resources for my defence, I will go all the way to the end!

It’s worth mentioning that Ramadan has previously defend the practice of stoning women to death if they had committed adultery.

11 thoughts on “Prominent Muslim propagandist Tariq Ramadan accused of rape

  1. She also says that she is an anti-racist, so..

    The problem with liberals attacking Islam for being illiberal is that this does not fix the problem at all – they are still anti-racist and have no problem with diversity and the replacement of white people with people other than muslims.

    Think of people like (((Geller)) or Anne Marie Waters. Strongly anti-Islam, for Islam is illiberal, but have no problem with any other type of people harming or replacing whites.

    Islam is bad, but jews, blacks or asians replacing you is ok. Nope, this does not work.


    1. Some of the Far Lite people or parties do occasionally say or hint something about White minoritisation. I think Liberty GB has an article or video about it and I’m sure I’ve seen Anne Marie Waters occasionally make tweets or link to articles that suggested it was an issue. In any case, Islam is the vector through which understanding of other issues can come, since it is the most obviously pressing problem in Europe and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.


  2. “In any case, Islam is the vector through which understanding of other issues can come”

    I think that this only applies to white european people. If that gal is an arab, or if Geller is jewish, do not expect them to become far right as a second stage to their awakening to Islam. As they are non-european minorities, they will remain pro-minority first. I think that it is almost impossible for a non-white/non european person to become white nationalist.

    I always liked Paul Weston from Liberty GB and felt that he is genuine.

    As for Waters, recently the Occidental Observer has been very, very critical of her.

    If Elected Party Leader, Zionist Anne Marie Waters Will Sound UKIP’s Death Knell

    Marxist Lesbian activist Anne Marie Waters, attempts to hijack UKIP for her Zionist backers

    So what do you think about all of this?


    1. I read the first of Sen’s articles and learned some things about Waters I didn’t know. I meant to read the second but haven’t got round to it yet. Following Waters on Twitter however has given me an impression of her that contradicts the one conjured up by Sen. TOO is a great resource but they are obsessed with Jews to the exclusion of almost everything else. Obviously, I hardly need to be lectured on the subject, but Europe’s immediate problem is Muslims. Some of the WN people in the US don’t grasp that because they don’t have as many Muslims and the ones they have are better educated and less problematical than the ones we have. Who really cares if Waters is a “Zionist”? What does that mean? She supports Israel? Well, I support Israel. I want all the Jews to go and live happily ever after in Israel and leave us in peace. The problem is diaspora Jews, not the ones in Israel. What practical relevance does support or non-support for Israel have in relation to the problems Europe now faces? Prioritising that over someone talking about stopping Muslim immigration is ridiculous.

      Of course I don’t expect any significant number of brown people to embrace WN. But Islam is the red pill issue that can convince people what they see on the media and hear from politicians is wrong. Once their minds are open, they can be receptive to other arguments.

      That said, I think it would be possible to convince a certain percentage of brown people that it was in their interests for white people to remain majoritarian and stay in charge. I’ve been meaning to finish writing an article about that. Of course, at the moment, no one is actually making that case.


      1. Ok then. I recently saw this tweet by Waters affiliated org

        For Britain stands strictly against the far right & race hatred. We are a centre-ground party, supporting individual rights for Brits.

        What do you think about this?

        As for brown people, i think that arguments are arguments, but genes are genes, and genes will always call on them and make them prefer people who look like them. This was even found in babies. So in my personal opinion, people are not that rational beings, they are not only driven by arguments, but by their genes, and when their genes tell them to side with their own group, there would not be much you can do.

        Example of the way i think:

        “White people will help black people to live better, you blacks should support the white majority, this is entirely logical..”

        “White people have different genes and are a genetic competitior of black peope. In nature, every group strives to propagate their own genes. No matter how good or better white people could be, they have different genes than ours so we need to propagate and replace their genes with our genes.”


      2. I quoted that tweet in an article I posted here and even participated in the discussion thread. In fact, it was very interesting to see that most people still don’t know of the looming brown demographic majority. They are shocked when you present that fact to them and back it up with serious statistics.

        Brown people came to white countries because they wanted to enjoy the peace, prosperity and freedom that white countries offer. If you convince them that a brown majority means the end of that peace, prosperity and freedom, then you have an argument that at least some of them will respond to. And those few might make the difference in a crucial election.


      3. Ok then but this is a rational argument, and i said that genes interfere with that and cause people to side with their group no matter what, and no matter “the rationality” of that. Various studies found that even babies prefer people from their own group. They do not care if their group have lower IQ or not, or if their group will improve their life or not, or create civilization or not, they simply have positive bias towards their own group.

        But do your own thing and lets see how many brown people could become sympathetic to whites. It will be interesting for me to watch this too, although i’m sceptical. So time will tell.

        Oh, i also forgot to mention that Nick Griffin is critical towards Waters and he is not from the US.


      4. It is in the interests of their genes to go on living in prosperity, peace and freedom, conditions that are only likely to exist under a white majority. If they only want to live among their own kind, why did they leave their countries of origin in the first place?


  3. They try to parasitise upon whites just like in nature various biologocal organisms do the same.

    As far as genes are concerned, studies show that babies prefer their own group no matter what. It does not matter if the group is more intelligent, or more accomplished, ot anything. Organisms are hardcoded to prefer their own no matter what qualities their dna represents.

    Geners are on their own side, no matter what. Any creature, or a group, any piece of dna is designed to put itself first.

    In nature, organisms try to propagate their DNA at the expense of other groups, no matter the qualities of those other groups. Dumb people do not stop reproducing just because this could mean that they could replace smart people with their supposedly worse genes.

    Everyone and every group tries to reproduce and the spread their genes. The ultimate genetic aim of any group is to spread their genes as much as possible, even if that could mean the displacement of other groups. Every piece of dna wants to propagate and to show that it is more successful than the other dnas.

    In other words the unconscious aim of black or brown people is to replace whites, to spread all over the world, and take over white or any other groups habitats.


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