German educational standards collapse in asylum-enriched areas

A new school study shows that the educational level of primary school children in Germany has gone through the floor.

In the last five years, German fourth-graders the average performance has deteriorated in Mathematics, Listening Comprehension and Spelling. By contrast, Reading Comprehension has remained at the same level as in 2011. This emerges from a study of IQB Educational trends, which the Culture Ministry published in Berlin on Friday.

According to Baden-Württemberg media reports, the study shows that the educational level dropped massively throughout Germany between 2011 and 2016 – but especially in two states: Bremen and Baden-Württemberg.

…Since the last time data was collected in 2011, the composition of the pupil population has also changed. The share of grade 4 pupils of immigrant origin has increased by more than one third to 34%.


This is what Thilo Sarrazin predicted years ago in his book “Germany is unmaking itself”. If you receive immigration from low-IQ countries, average IQ falls and, since average IQ correlates with the prosperity of the country, the next generation will be poorer than the last. Merkel condemned the book before it had even been published and Sarrazin was hounded from his job at the German federal bank.



6 thoughts on “German educational standards collapse in asylum-enriched areas

  1. The world-wide, although primarily Western-centered, PISA results demonstrate the same fact that third world invaders lower educational standards, not only through their lower IQs but also, obviously, their lack of self-discipline, aggressiveness and hostility, testosterone levels and inattentiveness. Reading is a solitary form of study, although one presumes the students must also be able to read aloud before their classmates, so that is probably why those results are better than other studies in the curriculum. Also, invaders disrupt classes so badly that this slows or impedes the education of an entire class and usually leads, although not always, to expulsion from a school.

    The shabbos goy, Theresa May, has been bleating on with her comrades in arms, about prejudice against these minorities, as yet another way of blaming white people. She needs to be exposed, challenged, and thrown out of government before she commits more damage, especially to the youth of Britain.


    1. Reporter tells it was strongly supported by “Amadeo Antonio Foundation” of ex-Stasi member Anetta Kahane, police is not willing to evacuate the crowd of self-declared “anarchists”.


      1. Kahane as a surname is a form of “Cohen” or “Kohain”, originally the group in judaism in a leadership position.


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