Switzerland: Africans kill elderly white man then start screaming about racism

Sunday morning in the peaceful village of Kradolf. Local resident Michal Stüssy (60) is walking along the main street with her dog Ayona (3). As she walks past, she observes a pensioner (90) crossing the pedestrian crossing. Suddenly a red fiat shoots up – and thunders into the man! “First his head flew through the windscreen and then his whole body was caught frontally,” says Stüssy, describing the awful accident.

Passenger terrorises helpers

At the wheel was an Eritrean (23) – with a a blood alcohol level of 1.6 per thousand. While the driver, in a state of shock, tried to help the badly injured victim, his passenger loses it at the scene of the accident. Although the pensioner was still breathing, he tried to resuscitate him! “I told him he should stop that and try to bring him to a position at the side – but he didn’t want to!” Eventually other helpers showed the troublemaker the way.

 Michal Stüssy (60) wird mit Hund Ayona (3) Zeugin eines schlimmen Unfalls und danach vom Beifahrer des eritreischen Lenkers bedrängt.
The Rega [air rescue service] brought the victim to hospital with serious injuries. But the nightmare continued: when the police arrived, the passenger accused the helpers of racism. And he claimed the police had only been called because they were foreigners.

Der Rentner muss mit lebensgefährlichen Verletzungen von der Rega ins Spital geflogen werden.

Stüssy was supposed to lie for the Eritrean

When Michal Stüssy was later being questioned as a witness, the man pressed forward again: “He planted himself in front of me and wanted me not to tell the truth. Specifically, he wanted me to say the victim was going over the road – not the pedestrian crossing!” A vain effort to minimise the trouble his friend was in.

Because the passenger was shouting out vehemently,  Stüssy had to be questioned at the police station. “His behaviour was awful,” says the eye witness with irritation.


Brown people know that white people now live in terror of being accused of racism. Whenever they’re caught doing something, “Racism” is their reflex response. They know it intimidates whites and puts them on the defensive psychologically. You get brown people trying to get on a bus without paying and then screaming about racism when they’re asked to pay.


  1. Im a security officer in southern Australia. Have been for 2 decades.

    “Brown people know that white people now live in terror of being accused of racism. Whenever they’re caught doing something, “Racism” is their reflex response”

    This has been me word for word for the last 7 years. One place in particular i worked, 100% of attendance by more than one sudanese youth was followed with multiple criminal acts unless 5 guards followed them 10 feet away without looking at them. *This is all on CCTV evidence. 100% of groups of Sudanese youths that entered that shopping centres committed multiple violent crimes.*

    And guess what the first words out of their mouths are?

    “I didnt do it, you just hate black people”

    And my white privelidge? Being too proud to stoop to their level, drag them out somewhere where there is no cameras, and kick the living shit out of them and tell them if they come back theyll learn what *used* to be done to niggers in this country. I CANT fucking do it because my entire working life revolves around being better than that and keeping people safe. I have nothing else. And i get put right slap bang in the middle of it because the cops cant be everywhere, and they *dont* arrest these bastards when they get up to crap, because they get FORMAL complaints of racism and retarded greenies demand gibs justice sackings and sacrifices of white straight males basted in their own tears.

    I was once a proud suburban boy and actually thought i was doing some good and got a bit of satisfaction out of my job, at least im not flipping burgers, now all i want to do is buy a farm in the middle of nowhere, build a 10 foot tall concrete wall around it complete with razorwire, and a little slot out the front so i can get stuff delivered, then the world can go to hell on its own. Because im sick of being shat on by literally *everyone you can think of* black white male female gay straight employer criminal licensing people, police. were universally hated….

    For keeping you safe when the cops arent there and telling you no when you need to be told no. And when we do it, *YOU* avoid the wrath of cops who think they have more interesting things to do.

    Thanks y’all.

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    1. Oh and heres an extra for you –

      I would get paid about $10 an hour MORE for flipping burgers at McDonalds than i do in the job i havent had a payrise in more than a decade because *fuck those guys*. Even fast food workers have better unions than us.

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    2. “I didn’t do it, you just hate black people.” And who said these Third Worlders couldn’t adapt to Western society? Seems they’ve caught on to Western race-baiting pretty well to me.

      I understand the limitations that come with some jobs, but most Whites needs to stop being afraid of the word, racist because this is how they create more and more special rights and privileges for brown/black people. First it’s open discrimination through preferential hiring and enrollment quotas of all kinds. Now, we’re getting closer and closer to the point where they will be able to murder Whites with absolute impunity South African style. What have we to lose if we don’t stop being afraid of words phony labels but our lives?

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    3. And who taught them that and enabled them? The real enemy are WHITE LIBERALS. Without them, those parasites would be laughed at and physically removed.

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  2. Take back your country now. They will call you racist anyway. Don’t be intimidated. These blacks are from the devil. Repent and remove them from your country.. I am a white South African. From the true tribe of Israel.


  3. Who promotes this Cultural Marxism (aka multi-culturalism, political correctness, feminism, etc.)?

    If you look carefully, you will see that many of these enablers and promoters are ethnic Jews.


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