France: New draft law would make it illegal to publish names or photos of terrorists


Brigitte Kuster, deputy mayor of the XVIIe arrondissement of Paris (Les Républicains), has filed a draft law aimed at prohibiting diffusion of the identity and photos of the faces of terrorists.

In conjunction with fifteen or so other deputies, Brigitte Kuster is proposing a law of anyonymisation which would prohibit “broadcasting, in any manner whatsoever, the surname or the image of physical persons prosecuted for an act of terrorism or who have been judged guilty of an act of terrorism.”

To justify this draft law, Brigitte Kustner asks a question : “Is there not a risk of giving the murderer a posthumous glory among radicalised persons looking for role models?”


Right. I’m sure it has nothing at all to do with covering up the fact that the terrorists are all Muslims of recent immigrant origin.


4 thoughts on “France: New draft law would make it illegal to publish names or photos of terrorists

  1. Moslems already have a “role model”: Mohamed who, according to the Koran, Hadiths (principally of al-Bukhari and Muslim) and his first biography by the Moslem author Ibn Ishaq, was a warlord, mass murderer, rapist, paedophile and slave trader. “You, oh Mohamed, desire the spoils of this world, but Allah requires killing to manifest the religion.”

    This proposed law, of course, is designed to produce an eventual mass insomnia in the French public as to the ideology of Islam and those who are using it to achieve their New World Order.


  2. The only reason Jews get away with their shit is that they don’t have an individual to point at

    Perhaps we should make Moses a villain. The material is there to do so. Oh sure he led his people out of servitude, but he set up a system that was just as evil.


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