Tunisia is emptying its prisons into Europe


The report is alarming and comes from an MEP charged with performing an inspection in Tunisia: “Of 1600 inmates who have left prison thanks to the double pardon decided by Tunisia, at least half, around 800, have already arrived in Italy.” says Angelo Ciocca, representative of the Lega [anti-immigration party in Italy], reached by telephone in Sfax, in Tunisia, where he has gone in recent days to collect evidence about the new migrant route, after the closure of the Libyan ports.

Ciocca recounts how he found out that “some young men, barely out of the local prisons, are receiving messages that offer them “safe” passages, via sea to Italy, at a cost of three thousand dinars, around a thousand euros.” They are organising to find the money and leave,” added the Lega member, recalling that people with Tunisian citizenship “have been responsible for the latest attacks in Europe.”


The double pardon mentioned in the article refers to a pardon issued in June for the end of Ramadan and another in July to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Tunisian republic. They are offloading their criminals to Europe.

This is actually what happened with negroes back in the slave days. When a slaver ship arrived at the coast, the local prisons would empty. Slavery was used as a punishment for crime within native societies. This, I think, is the main reason slave-descended negroes so distinguish themselves in the annals and statistics of crime, even today. They have criminal genes, not primarily due to their race, although that doesn’t help, but because their specific ancestors were criminals in Africa. Slavery was a mechanism for selecting the absolute dregs of the African population, not a representative cross-section. The same is unfortunately true of asylum reception systems today. They select for the absolute worst of the source country populations.

11 thoughts on “Tunisia is emptying its prisons into Europe

  1. Also, of course, emptying their prisons (back in slavery’s heyday) and now is, as with a country like Mexico, also a way of a country ridding itself of the need to provide prison accommodation, food, clothing, medical assistance, educational tools etc, to its overall prison population. And, because the EU kakistocracy is intent on destroying nationalism, nation states and the Caucasian Race, importing known criminals is the best way to intimidate, sexually and socially, as well as rob and kill the native Europeans.


  2. “They have criminal genes, not primarily due to their race, although that doesn’t help, but because their specific ancestors were criminals in Africa.”

    Yes, it is due to their race, which is why blacks today, who are descendants of the free blacks, are also susceptible to and display the same criminal behavior as those descended from slaves. This has much to do with the black testosterone level (19% more than Whites). That’s a massive difference, considering hormones are so powerful, they’re measured in nanograms and pictograms (billionths and trillionths of a gram). Testosterone is the hormone that provides assertiveness, aggressiveness and motivation or drive. When you combine high testosterone with low IQ (average 85 for blacks) you get a population of people that are highly impulsive i.e. they cannot contemplate the consequences of their actions before they act. This is why blacks in America commit 70+% of the violent crime, while being 13% of the population. It’s not bigotry, but biology. I highly suggest reading, Race, Evolution and Behavior by Dr. Phillipe Rushton or watching some of his excellent presentations on YouTube before they get cleansed from the site.

    I’d also suggest reading, Racism, Guilt, Self-Hatred and Self-Deceit by Gedaliah Braun. Yes, the author is a jew, so read carefully with a discerning eye and dispense with all the absurd holocaust references. What makes this book interesting is that this guy lived in Africa for years and explains how blacks, who have not been influenced by jewish western media, view Whites and their perception of the differences between the races.

    A couple things I recall from reading the book is that blacks cannot think abstractly. For example, they cannot contemplate the consequences or logical end result of throwing their trash out in the open or what would happen to their towns and villages if everyone did so. So, they do throw their trash everywhere, and so does everyone else with no thought to the collective effect on their town or quality of life. He also said that blacks could serve as housekeepers to Whites or be in the employ of Whites for years, seeming very loyal to them, until one day they start stealing from them with absolutely no reservation. Again, this comes from lack of reasoning and morals, which is tied to genetics, not environmental experiences of past generations.

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    1. I seem to remember seeing stats somewhere that showed the social metrics of negroes from Africa who had migrated to western societies in a conventional way were not only way better than slave-descended negroes but better even than those of indigenous Europeans. If you look at higher-performing negroes (Obama and the like), they are nearly always of non-slave origin.


      1. Obama is 50 percent white, though. Not a pure black. US blacks have an IQ of 85, probably due to long term mixing with whites, and many look brown/lighter these days. But the IQ of african blacks is between 70 – 80.


      2. CZ: Obama was only about 5% Negroid (back a few generations), he may not even have qualified under American interpretations re racial affiliations as being substantially negroid enough to be so termed; he is 50% Caucasian from his maternal side, and the rest was East Asian African (not negroid). His family were Moslems as evidenced by his Moslem father,his names, Barck and Hussain, his education in an Indonesian Moslem school, his various Moslem relatives whom he visited before and during his presidency and that, historically, his family were from the Luo tribe of Moslem slave traders (of blacks and whites).


  3. Prisoners are also used as a weapon. There is information that many ISIS members are Saudia Arabian prisoners released under condition to fight in Syria.


  4. It’s not just Obama. Kwasi Kwarteng and Chukka Ummuna (half-breed) in Britain are other examples. If you see a unusually capable negro, check their history to see whether they are the descendants of slaves or of normal immigrants from Africa. Disproportionately often, it will be the latter.


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