Italy: Socialist mayor loves diversity until her daughter falls in love with “migrant”


The 32-year-old girl sent a letter to a national daily newspaper to talk about her relationship with a migrant which did not go down well with her mother: “Working among migrants … I fell in love with Jeff. When I talked to my mother about it, a person of the Left, I was disappointed with her reactions. She said I was a sick person, that the blacks deserved only pity, that she should have me arrested, that he was with me only for money.”

These words provoked reactions from some politicians, such as Cristiano Romani, from the Movimento Sovranista who targeted the Socialist mayor: “Words that shatter the veil of hypocrisy of the left and the Socialist Party which applies to the letter the philisophy of welcoming all migrants but far from their homes and, above all, with no contacts or relationships with the people they care about.”


Her mother is Margherita Scarpellini, Socialist mayor of Monte San Savino.


13 thoughts on “Italy: Socialist mayor loves diversity until her daughter falls in love with “migrant”

  1. OT: On your side-bar, you have a link to a Times of Israel article about “neo-nazis parade through Swedish city ahead of Yom Kippur march”. ‘yom kippur’ is the ‘Day of Atonement’ for Jews (this year 30 September) which includes prayers asking their god to forgive them for sins they may commit in the coming year. This would be an opportunity, in the days leading up to it, to list some of the actions jews as a body have committed against other groups, especially Christians who are the most persecuted religious group in the world according to statistics of violent acts against them: attempted genocides of several other tribes in pre-Christian times, as stated in the Old Testament, attempted massacre of 90,000 Christians in Jerusalem, about 500,000 Cretans killed, massive usury against the English in the 13th century, financial backing of regicide of English King and English ‘Civil War’, role in slave trade for millenia, especially of Christians into the Middle East and Christian Africans into the Americas, backing of both sides in various wars, slaughter of millions of Orthodox Christians in Russia in 20th century, role as crypto-Turks in Armenian Holocaust, prominent role in Ukraine Holodomor and coup d’etat (by Jews) of Ukraine in 21st century, and their role in developing wars in Middle East to produce a wave of ‘migrants’ into Europe.

    Knowledge is the greatest tool of all and even a short listing of such grounds for ‘real’ atonement (including quadrillions in monies, of course, as compensation to victims) would help people to start thinking ‘outside the box’ of media propaganda. Let us help the Jews to truly atone (and save ourselves).


  2. This article represents a new aspect of the whole issue. Besides the hypocrisy, those who perpetrate mass migration realize that it’s a breeding ground for personal connections. So, females who ‘help’ the refugees will spend alot of time with THEM, as opposed to spending time with fellow Italian men. So, when it comes time to meet someone, all these male migrants are readily available. TO SIMPLY PUT IT: these planned results are orchestrated by Zionists. They understand that women are natural caregivers who’ll meet the male patient. AKA The Florence Nightingale effect.


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