Islamic medicine: Shops now selling bottled camel urine in France


You will think this is a joke. I did too at first. But no. This is really really real. Even when I saw the webshop, I wondered whether it could be an elaborate hoax. But no. This really seems to be really real.

Above you see a screenshot from the website of a shop based in Saint-Etienne, France. Translation below.

Camel urine is one of the ingredients of traditional pharmacopeia in many countries. In the Arab peninsula, patients consume 100 ml of camel urine per day, either on its own or mixed with camel milk. This cure is said to help with or get rid of a great many illnesses.
Camel urine is used in particular to treat skin-related illnesses, such as ringworm, scabies or cutaneous abscesses, dental problems, eye infections, snake bites, but also all abdominal pains (in particular stomach pains), and ulcers. Camel urine also has anti-dandruff properties and, when used in shampooing, it lends a brilliant lustre to the hair. It can also prevent thirst and hunger for the caravan driver lost in the desert. Several researchers in Arab countries also declare that camel urine has anti-carcinogenic properties, particularly with regard to cancer of the liver.


  1. Far more ubiquitous are the many chocolate bars, usually offered amongst the deluxe brands of chocolate, which are made with camel’s milk. It is an insidious and relatively unnoticed form of Islamisation because it is yet another food product which is ‘halal’ and which non-Moslems, by purchasing, are helping to fund Jihad. Cast a jaundiced eye over Marmite which you will be interested to know is now sold according to ‘halal’ regulations.

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