White Genocide now openly celebrated: “Fuck France! Great Replacement now!”


Not long ago, White Genocide or the “Great Replacement” as it’s often called on continental Europe – that is altering the demographics of a country from being ethnically European to non-ethnically European – was dismissed as a crazy far-right fantasy. Now brown people, leftists and Jews are openly celebrating it and calling for it to be speeded up.

Here we have a leftist march in Paris, called by a trade union collective to protest against reforms to work regulations. But the leftists just can’t help themselves, they can’t stay focused. They have to throw a bit of White Genocide in there too.

In the video you can see them carrying signs that say “Nique La France!” [Fuck France!]

And “Le Grand Replacement, dès maintenant” [The Great Replacement now]

Estimates of the numbers of those attending this march range from 200,000 to 500,000, so this wasn’t some marginal thing.

But it’s not just in France that this is happening. Mark Collett recently posted an image collage of Jews also celebrating White Genocide. “This Jew will replace you”, “Lol your grandkids are gonna be brown”.



Vicente Fox, former president of Mexico, recently trolled Trump and boasted that brown people were taking over his country.




  1. The fking franks helped the ottomans attack eastern europe and commited genocide against the cathars. May they all drop dead and go to hell


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  3. it’s quite comical. The word ”Jew” is a creation of Luciferian mongrels to have an identification. Look into Azkenazi “Jews” and the DNA proved they have no link too M.E. Turkic, Mongol, Caucasian blood mixture and essentially came from a mongrelized people, phallic worshippers called Khazars on the area of present day Georgia/S.Russia. The ”Jews” in Israel make up every color of the rainbow from black (Ethiopian Kews, to brown M.E./Mizrahi Jews, to off-\white [Mongol/Turkic/Caucasoid ] Khazars/Askenazi Jews. If you don’t believe it lol up the DNA work done by Jewish scientist @ John Hopkins University. Shomo Sands book, the invention of the Jewish people, 95% of which were COKNVERTS >500 years after Christ.
    The Jews are a lie wrapped in an enigma who hate everything white because whites are descendents of the 2pathetic12 tribes of Israel!! They even steal our name and identity; but its in the bible as prophecy that we’d go by a different name and be collected/gathered together in a new place (America) under one king (Jesus) .


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