Generation Identity commemorate victory over the Turks at Siege of Vienna, 1683


Over the weekend, the Austrian branch of Generation Identity commemorated the Christian victory over the Turks at the Siege of Vienna, 1683.


Antifa tried to disrupt the commemoration. They even defaced a statue to the Polish king Jan Sobieski who played a decisive role in the battle. “No Nazi!” was sprayed across its base.


At the end, they intone this:

Festung Europa! Macht die Grenzen dicht!

Fortress Europe! Seal the borders!

I think compiling an almanac that marks significant dates in European history could be a good way of fostering collective consciousness among Europeans as they become an endangered species. This could be like a Saint’s calendar in the Catholic church, where every day is the anniversary of some saint. The dates should highlight people who defended European peoplehood against non-European threats and significant moments when this happened.

3 thoughts on “Generation Identity commemorate victory over the Turks at Siege of Vienna, 1683

  1. Nice to see that the young waking up ! The jew paid antifa terrorist will be wiped out from face of the Earth together with their jewish masters !!!


  2. “It is not a City alone that we have to save, but the whole of Christianity, of which the City of Vienna is the bulwark. This war is a holy war.”

    King Jan Sobiewski, on the night of 11 September 1683, addressing the troops who would successfully raise the Siege of Vienna and totally rout the Moslem Ottoman Horde on the morning of 12 September 1683.



  3. while the micks danced the jig and complained that they have funny names , need to become more modern and they don’t assimilate


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