Invader threatens to drown baby if boat is intercepted


Watch the video. About 30 seconds in you see an invader dangle a baby over the side of the boat

Euronews ridiculously pretends that this might have been to indicate that help was needed. In fact, it is a standard tactic invaders have used for years when they fear being intercepted before reaching land.

Years ago, I wrote about a similar incident (link).

But what parent would threaten to drown their child unless allowed to invade another country? In most of these cases, the baby is not related to the person dangling them over the side. The reality is that children are being kidnapped specifically for use as props to facilitate the invasion of Europe. They know that Europe’s elites are mugs happy to shed real or fake tears about invader children and willing to offer advantageous treatment to any adult invader with a child.

For more on this, see here (link).


9 thoughts on “Invader threatens to drown baby if boat is intercepted

  1. They should keep throwing persons off the boat to drown if intercepted, then authorities only have to tow back an empty boat. Problem solved!!


  2. They can threaten this type of action, as they have no emotional tie to the children. They seem to use them as shields on many occasions. Even the young boy photographed, Dead, on a beach. This was very emotional for Western people who saw it, but how many saw him being re-arranged and re-photographed, on different sections of the beach, to get a better effect? and then his family went back and lived where they had been fleeing from? I didn’t witness these things personally, but have seen enough and heard enough.


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