The Hungarian government, led by controversial right-wing populist Viktor Orban, today announced an aid program for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in the US. A spokesman announced that the aid would not go to everyone affected by the disaster, however. Instead it would be targeted exclusively at white people.

Probed about the reasoning behind the decision, the spokesman responded: “We Hungarians are white people. It is therefore natural that we should feel a greater sense of empathy towards our fellow whites and should feel a greater desire to help them.”

The Polish government, meanwhile, announced that it too would be rolling out a program of assistance, this time aimed exclusively at Christians. In remarks to journalists, Poland’s Prime Minister Beata Szydło defended the decision, saying: ” What’s wrong with Christians wanting to help other Christians? Muslims have charities that help other Muslims. Why shouldn’t we do the same?”

Texas governor Greg Abbott declared firmly that he would refuse any assistance offered on such discriminatory terms. “In Texas we celebrate our diversity. We don’t perpetuate hate,” read a statement from the governor’s office.

Not really.

But you can image the global outrage that would greet such a decision.

When Israel does it, however, no one seems to mind.

Diaspora Affairs Minister Bennett has pledged $1 million in relief aid for the Jewish community of Houston, saying, “The Jewish state is measured by its response when our brothers around the world are in crisis.”

According to a statement released by the ministry, this aid will be transferred through the Israeli Consulate in Texas, and will be used to help repair and restore the communal infrastructure – schools, synagogues and JCC – which are not funded or supported by the state.