Anti-Pope Francis on "Migrants": "Prioritise personal safety over national security"

“Allahu Akbar!” “Allahu Akbar indeed, my son”

I wish to reaffirm that “our shared response may be articulated by four verbs: to welcome, to protect, to promote and to integrate”.[2] Considering the current situation, welcoming means, above all, offering broader options for migrants and refugees to enter destination countries safely and legally. This calls for a concrete commitment to increase and simplify the process for granting humanitarian visas and for reunifying families. At the same time, I hope that a greater number of countries will adopt private and community sponsorship programmes, and open humanitarian corridors for particularly vulnerable refugees. Furthermore, special temporary visas should be granted to people fleeing conflicts in neighbouring countries. Collective and arbitrary expulsions of migrants and refugees are not suitable solutions, particularly where people are returned to countries which cannot guarantee respect for human dignity and fundamental rights.[3]

Once again, I want to emphasise the importance of offering migrants and refugees adequate and dignified initial accommodation. “More widespread programmes of welcome, already initiated in different places, seem to favour a personal encounter and allow for greater quality of service and increased guarantees of success”.[4]

The principle of the centrality of the human person, firmly stated by my beloved Predecessor, Benedict XVI,[5] obliges us to always prioritise personal safety over national security. It is necessary, therefore, to ensure that agents in charge of border control are properly trained. The situation of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees requires that they be guaranteed personal safety and access to basic services. For the sake of the fundamental dignity of every human person, we must strive to find alternative solutions to detention for those who enter a country without authorisation.[6]

…In 2006, Benedict XVI highlighted how, in the context of migration, the family is “a place and resource of the culture of life and a factor for the integration of values”.[14] The family’s integrity must always be promoted, supporting family reunifications – including grandparents, grandchildren and siblings – independent of financial requirements. Migrants, asylum seekers and refugees with disabilities must be granted greater assistance and support. …The final verb – integrating – concerns the opportunities for intercultural enrichment brought about by the presence of migrants and refugees. Integration is not “an assimilation that leads migrants to suppress or to forget their own cultural identity. Rather, contact with others leads to discovering their ‘secret’, to being open to them in order to welcome their valid aspects and thus contribute to knowing each one better. This is a lengthy process that aims to shape societies and cultures, making them more and more a reflection of the multi-faceted gifts of God to human beings”.[16] This process can be accelerated by granting citizenship free of financial or linguistic requirements, and by offering the possibility of special legalisation to migrants who can claim a long period of residence in the country of arrival.


These are extracts from the Anti-Pope’s message on the International Day of the Migrant.

I might be going to Avignon soon, where they used to host an alternative papacy. Maybe this is what we need again: an Alt Catholic Church. There are actually used to be something like this: Sedevacantism. They opposed the reforms of Vatican II and the insisted that the official Popes were now invalid (Vacant Seat). Some of their ideas were strongly antisemitic. They believed the Jews had infiltrated and “nobbled” the Catholic Church, which, in fact, they had. (See Jewish Infiltration of the Catholic Church).

One of the leading lights of sedevacantism was a Mexican priest Joaquín Sáenz y Arriaga, who wrote (under the pseudonym Maurice Pinay) one of the most profound works of antisemitism ever – The Plot Against the Church – and somehow had it circulated to those attending Vatican II while it was in session. He seems also to have been involved in Los Tecos, an ultra-conservative terror group that was running right-wing, anti-Communist death squads throughout Latin America. His story is fascinating. See an article I wrote about it: Jewish Infiltration of the Catholic Church, Part II: Who was Maurice Pinay?

We need more priests like Joaquín Sáenz y Arriaga and fewer like Jorge Mario Bergoglio (real name of the current anti-Pope).

I’m not sure whether Sedevacantism still exists in any meaningful way.

5 thoughts on “Anti-Pope Francis on "Migrants": "Prioritise personal safety over national security"

  1. He is a tool of Satan and there is no way the God of Love, the Christian God, should be brought in, as the Anti-Pope does in his message, as a tool of Genocide of Western Peoples, their Christian faith, their Laws and Values.


  2. The principle of the centrality of the human person, firmly stated by my beloved Predecessor, Benedict XVI, obliges us to always prioritise personal safety over national security

    When the Antichrist’s beloved Predecessor was still a cardinal, he ‘lamented’ the arrival of ‘unassimilable immigrants’, describing it as ‘the slow suicide of Europe’.

    contact with others leads to discovering their ‘secret’, to being open to them in order to welcome their valid aspects and thus contribute to knowing each one better

    The Church of England’s 2011 theological statement, Affirming Our Common Humanity, supports Third World immigration, saying that it enables the church ‘to witness to and anticipate the unity of all peoples that will be found in Christ at the end of time. True worship connects us with the hope and vision of heavenly worship among those from every tribe, language, people, and nation…As with other public and private bodies, our cultural and ethnic diversity strengthens us.’

    The C of E: betraying the English in the name of God.


  3. I really wish I could become Catholic again, since I believe it is the true and only Faith of European people, but how could any decent European follower of Christ prostrate themselves before this genocidal satanic apostate? The Church needs purged of 90% of the clergy and hierarchy. The Church would be better off at 10% its current size but actually orthodox.


  4. Francis the Goobermint Mule. Servant of Baalzebub Lord of Flies. This Black Anti-Pope is the harvester of the whirlwind and bringing of locusts. Like Little Jebbie Broccoli, he brings the “love” of rapine to the Daughters Of Odin and Arias.
    Join the Mobile Infantry, Get Citizenship. The Crazy Times are here. Crush the Bug Army. Go to a Hive of Scum and Villainy. Bring the New Order to the Holy Roman Empire. The First Order is to your own. Men of the West. The Orcs must be brought back low, like all low creatures.


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