Patriot gets 5 years in prison for thought crimes while jihadis get £1 million payouts to fund terror

“British” jihadis got large payments from the government which they used to fund jihad.

A British suicide bomber who got a £1million Government payout from after being released from Guantanamo may have used it fund a terror cell based in Manchester, leaked ISIS documents have revealed. 

Leaked IS documents reportedly revealed that Jamal Al-Harith, who was born in Manchester, was recommended to the terror group by Raphael Hostey, a 24-year-old jihadi based in the northern city. 

Hostey is thought to have encouraged dozens of British Muslims to travel to Syria – including close friends Mohammad Azzam Javeed and Anil Khalil Raoufi – before being killed in a drone strike last May. 

The documents, obtained by the Daily Telegraph, claim that Hostey – who used the name Abu Qaqa al-Britani – acted as a ‘sponsor’ for many British fighters wanting to travel to Syria. 

The news comes after ministers yesterday pledged to try and reclaim some of the £20million handed out to 17 former Guantanamo prisoners if any of that money was used to sponsor terrorism.


David Anderson QC, the Independent Reviewer of Terror Legislation, admitted that most “British” jihadis returning from Syria are not even prosecuted.

‘We’ve seen a lot of people return from Syria. About a quarter of them have been prosecuted, and only a few have engaged in terrorist activity of any kind in this country, so far as we know. 


But Sean Creighton, an indigenous Briton, was sentenced to 5 years in prison for saying the wrong things and owning the wrong book. He did not engage in violence of any kind, nor is there any evidence that he intended to.

Creighton, who has a Swastika tattooed on his chest, was investigated by Met’s Counter Terrorism Command after he posted an image online of him standing in front of a Nazi flag while holding an assault rifle. 

Following a search of his home, Creighton was found to be in possession the White Resistance Manual 2.4, which police described as the kind of document likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism. 

A section of the manual reads: “The purpose of this document is not to explain the whys? of armed struggle, any white person with a pair of eyes can appreciate the desperate situation we are in as a race. “[The] purpose here is to provide information on the hows? of armed struggle. How to select or fabricate weapons useful in an armed struggle, how to manufacture, handle and employ explosives as part of an armed struggle, how to conduct a guerilla campaign and how to select targets according to their value to our movement.” 

Creighton also used various other methods to spread hate, including offensive stickers on street furniture – some with the message “sink the refugee boats” and prolific activity on social media. 

A member of the National Front, Creighton has been blocked from Facebook more than 300 times and once posted an image of Hitler along with the caption ‘kill the Muslims’. 

Prosecutor Jonathan Sandiford told Kingston Crown Court : “The defendant was a committed racist, a member of the National Front. He was enthralled by Nazism and Adolf Hitler whom he told police in his interviews was his God.” 

Creighton has now been sentenced to four years in jail for the public order offences and five years imprisonment for the terrorism offence, to run concurrently. 

Commander Dean Haydon, of the Counter Terrorism Command, said: “We are as committed to apprehending and prosecuting far-right extremists who commit terrorist offences and promote hatred as we are those who support and promote Isis. Both are intent on destroying communities and pose a real risk if they are allowed to continue.”

So Muslims can express their hatred for the kuffar, can commit actual murder and rape; brown people can commit assaults motivated by racial hatred for white people and suffer no penalty (link); but an indigenous Briton gets 5 years in prison for suggesting that maybe it wasn’t a good idea to let these people into the country in the first place.

This is outright racial tyranny. It is the kind of judicial practice you typically see in colonial regimes, where settlers are privileged and the indigenous people are tyrannised. The slightest infraction meets with draconian punishment for the natives, while the settlers can lynch or take potshots at the natives with impunity. But in these imperial arrangements, it is normally the colonising population that dominates the justice system and manipulates it for its own advantage. Here power remains in the hands of the native populace, yet they persecute their own kind on behalf of the colonisers.

3 thoughts on “Patriot gets 5 years in prison for thought crimes while jihadis get £1 million payouts to fund terror

  1. Never talk to the police. You might think they're your buddy because they're white or because they smile at you, but a shark can be white and it has a huge smile yet it has no compunction in swallowing you whole, much like a typical copper.


  2. Es sabido, por la gente leída, que todo Occidente ha sucumbido parcialmente con la sugestión psicológica de la Segunda Guerra Mundial ( y su Famosa Propaganda, de guerra ).

    Podemos, desde hace tiempo, analizar éstas anomalías de La Justicia en casi todos los países occidentales donde los grupos sionistas están consentidos e incrustados con el poder temporal.

    Esa persona, es sólo un mártir más de toda ésta caótica situación que nos han impuesto -a la fuerza-. Los occidentales creemos que vivimos en un sistema democrático y de libertades, luego cuando alguien expresa sus inquietudes y sus ideas para defender su nación contra las amenazas, se pone en marcha todo un gran dispositivo de contra-ofensiva al sentido común.

    Vemos como libreros son encarcelados por vender legalmente un libro de Hitler en su tienda, pero ese mismo libro se vende a la vuelta de la esquina en un supermercado o grandes almacenes.

    Si el propio Jesucristo y otros personajes de la Historia fueron perseguidos y ajusticiados por los enemigos de Occidente, qué no harán con nosotros todavía hoy.

    Es una tradición, imponer los ideales anti-occidentales, y anular a las personas que saben la verdad. Con una multa hubiera sido suficiente ; en el sentido de que se detecta algun tipo de irregularidad relacionado con ideas rígidas, pero efectivamente ; como dice el artículo, no se observa la misma forma de medir por La Justicia en Occidente. Eso signfica y confirma que estamos en guerra. Y el enemigo también está dentro de nuestras naciones occidentales.

    Muchas gracias, Diversity, artículos valientes y solidarios para con el sentido común ( Occidente ).


  3. Heavy sentences for white resistance to the Jewish led brown invasion is a delaying tactic. They want to shift demographics so that we don't have any toe holds in government, the police, or the army. If you follow recruitment you will see they are already rushing blacks and Muslims into these services.

    We urgently have to red pill people in government, the military and police. We need to form a “deep state”.


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