78-year-old female political candidate arrested after calling for repatriation of immigrants and warning of "seeping tide of Islamic warriors"

Barbara Fielding, thought criminal

A candidate in the Stoke byelection has been arrested on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred. 

…Barbara Fielding, 78, who is standing as an independent, was arrested after a complaint about her website, which calls for all immigrants to be repatriated and warns of a “seeping tide of Islamic warriors”. 

Police seized her mobile phone and computer and later released her on bail until next month. Fielding said: “I was arrested on suspicion of publishing racial hatred material on my website. Someone must have made a complaint to the police. They took me away and took my files, my paperwork, my mobile phone and my computer. I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong. I’m not worried about this. 

“I’m giving information to anybody who wants to read it. I’m not saying people should go out and do something bad to immigrants. I set up my website 18 months ago. I wasn’t involved in politics before, but I just felt politicians had made a mess of things.” 

Staffordshire police confirmed that a 78-year-old woman had been arrested under section 19 of the Public Order Act 1986, which makes it an offence to publish or distribute written material which may stir up racial hatred.


The criminalisation of free speech is peculiarly sinister when its victim is a candidate for political office. This really is the undisguised suppression of democracy. And the reason it is sinister is that some people will interpret it as foreclosing the possibility of peaceful change.

Here’s what she wrote on her website. Note the praise of Trump.

After reading the last bit, I have the feeling that it may not have been her comments about Muslims that got her arrested.

10 thoughts on “78-year-old female political candidate arrested after calling for repatriation of immigrants and warning of "seeping tide of Islamic warriors"

  1. Off topic:


    Hysterical diatribe aimed at painting Trump as an anti semite. They use ALL of the tropes you trained me to look out for in your various postings, both on here and IslamVersusEurope:

    We largely let him get away with marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day by pointedly omitting any mention of the Jews, then choosing that very day to issue an order choking off immigration of non-Christian refugees fleeing genocide.

    What a howler! So they're saying muslims are fleeing “genocide”, but how can genocide be perpetrated on a people who are the majority and also the ruling class? Would the ruling class eventually commit suicide to complete the ethnic cleansing of their people?


  2. Similar case :

    They (the Jews) work more effectively against us, than
    the enemy's armies. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our
    liberties and the great cause we are engaged in … It is much to be lamented
    that each state, long ago, has not hunted them down as pests to society and
    the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America.


    THOMAS JEFFERSON 18th c. American statesman. Dispersed as the
    Jews are, they are still from one nation, foreign to
    the land they live in. (D. Boorstin, The Americans)
    Those who labor in the earth are the Chosen People
    of God, if ever he had a chosen people.

    (Notes on Virginia)


  3. SAINT THOMAS AQUINAS, 13th c. scholastic philosopher. In his On
    the Governance 0f the Jews, he wrote: The Jews should not be allowed to
    keep what they have obtained from others by usury; it were best that they
    were compelled to work so that they could earn their living instead of
    doing nothing but becoming more avaricious.


  4. GEN. WILLIAM SHERMAN 19th c. American soldier. In a letter from
    Union-occupied Memphis, July 30, 1862, he wrote:

    I found so many Jews
    and speculators here trading in cotton, and secessionists
    had become so open in refusing anything but gold, that I
    have felt myself bound to stop it. The gold can have but
    one use-the purchase of arms and ammunition… Of
    course, I have respected all permits by yourself or the
    Secretary of the Treasury, but in these new cases (swarms
    of Jews), I have stopped it. (The Sherman Letters)


  5. Are examples vs inmigration.. Many more..Diversity :

    GEORGE BERNARD SHAW 20th c. British dramatist.

    This is the real enemy, the invader from the East, the
    Druze, the riffian, the oriental parasite; in a word the Jew.
    (London Morning Post, December 3, 1925)

    This craving for bouquets by Jews is a symptom of racial
    degeneration. The Jews are worse than my own people.
    Those Jews who still want to be the chosen race (chosen
    by the late Lord Balfour) can go to Palestine and stew in
    their own juice. The rest had better stop being Jews and
    start being human beings. (Literary Digest, October 12, 1932)


  6. The JEWS work more
    effectively against
    us than the enemy’s
    armies. ( JEFFERSON ).

    Dispersed as JEWS they
    still form one nation,
    foreign to the land they
    live in. ( FRANKLIN ).


  7. I fully agree with
    General Washington that we
    must protect this young
    nation from an insidious
    influence and penetration.
    That menace, gentlemen, is
    the JEWS. ( NAPOLEON )

    The JEWS are
    the master robbers
    of the modern
    age; they are
    the carrion
    birds of humanity.
    ( LISZT )

    The presence of the JEWS
    in the midst of the
    European nations is
    a cause of many evils
    and a serious danger.
    ( HEGEL )


  8. The state is incompatible
    with the JEWISH principle.

    JEWS have ever been
    the greatest enemies
    of freedom.
    ( HUME )

    The JEWS have a peculiar character
    and are known for their fraud.
    ( U.S. GRANT )

    Similar case vs massive inmigration people, Diversity.


  9. Por lo que si seguimos esas tendencias algo apresuradas introducidas en la política occidental, tendríamos que penalizar a reyes y duques cristianos, además de instituciones legendarias en todo Occidente.


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