A Novel of the Ethno-war

JanneTeller by zakalwe2

When you think about what might have tipped Thomas Mair over the edge, it was probably seeing stuff like this. A Danish woman writes novelettes about a future civil war in Europe? Who might be the warring parties? Could Muslims or brown people be among them? Not a bit of it. They are busy living out their religion of peace while evil, hate-filled Europeans engage in ethnic conflict among themselves.

Teller has written fourteen versions of this Amnesty-International-approved book, each customised for maximum propaganda effect. The British version features a British family who get caught up in an ethnic conflict between Britons and Scandinavians (!) and are forced to seek refuge in the Middle East.

Endorsed by Amnesty International. Imagine if war broke out – not in Iraq or Afghanistan, somewhere far far away, but here, in our country. In War, Janne Teller embarks on a thought-provoking experiment: by simply turning the current crisis on its head, she reveals what it is like to flee your home country, to be exiled, and to fight for survival in a foreign country. 

In this illustrated short story, Europe has fallen apart and the only place at peace within reach is the Middle East. You follow a normal British family as they flee to the Middle East and see what they go through as refugees, through the eyes of their fourteen-year-old son. 

Originally published in Denmark in 2001, War has become more and more relevant and thought-provoking in the intervening years. In addition to the striking format and illustrations, what makes this book so special is that Janne Teller adapts the story for each country in which it is published.


3 thoughts on “A Novel of the Ethno-war

  1. This is an idiotic equalist. Especially women tend to believe in equality in all types of spheres. This comes from the fact that most women reproduce, so they are equal to each other, and tend to project this upon men or nations or ethnic groups. Men, on the other hand, tend to believe in difference and hierarchy, because not all men reproduce, only the better ones.

    Men represent different competing gene strains, fighting each other. So they believe in difference and group competition.

    This is why, in course of human history, there was never a case of organised groups of women fighting and killing other organised groups of women. This always happened between men. You can see that in nature too. They carry out gene competition. And so they believe in human group differences.

    The problem here is that we can not “turn the current crisis on its head”, because we are not equal. We are different. Thats the problem right there. You are not turning things on its head. Those are different peoples and this will lead to different situations. We, europeans and arabs/africans, are different, and have different behaviors. We europeans are not going to receive the same treatment.

    You can not have the exact similar situation, only “turned on its head” because peoples are different, and they are not the same. For example africans and arabs are low on empathy genes and high on violence genes. European peoples have high trust societies, middle easterners have low trust societies.

    No one in the Middle East is going to import non-muslims. No one is going to take care of them. No one is going to give them anything. Muslim nations are trying to get rid of non-muslims (via various ways), not to import them. Non muslim refugees are going to be enslaved, converted to Islam, or kicked out.

    Only idiots could fall for such false analogy. Its not “thought-provoking”, it represents terrible type of thinking, it is simply idiotic.


  2. Only political or religious persecution on a continental scale would not make Teller's scenario ridiculous : in an Europe where it becomes a crime to be European or Christian, Europeans would have indeed no choice but to flee Europe itself. Ironically, the only way such a thing can happen is by continuing the “Amnesty International-endorsed” policy of genocide by mass migration that this “thought-provoking” propaganda precisely serves to promote.


  3. Al ser una temática de novela de ciencia ficción se podría ubicar también en algun momento la cifra mágica de 6.000.000.


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