France: Muslim mob launched unprovoked attack on young couple "because of the pressure of Ramadan"

Just a few seconds but of incredible violence. The criminal court of Toulouse yesterday, in a summary trial, showed CCTV images of the Leclerc shop in Blagnac. Last Wednesday, when they were doing their shopping, shortly before 9 pm, a young couple was subjected to mob attack there for no apparent reason. 

“Four people came up behind us complaining that we had looked at them”, said the young male victim in court, with a black eye. They positioned themselves around us. I was headbutted right in the face. I tried to get them away from my girlfriend. When I was on the ground, one of them struck my girlfriend. She tried to get away and they swept her legs away from behind.” 

…In the box of the accused, three defendants, found thanks to an investigation by the Blagnac police, didn’t try to deny it. They offer excuses: “It was really stupid. Everything that happened, we could have avoided it. All that for some words and a look,” regrets Issam, 23, who start the altercation. And to justify himself: “We came to do some shopping for the end of Ramadan. I’m not a violent person. It was the pressure of Ramadan. It was gratuitous, they didn’t deserve that.”


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